I extend my heartiest welcome to all the students who, after an intense competition, have become the part of this prestigious institution.  I hope that Mir Chaker Khan Rind University of Technology, being the only institute of technological education in this region, will prove a great blessing for people of Dera Ghazi Khan and the adjacent areas.  The very existence of this institution has provided the students of this educationally scant area the opportunity to have an access to modern scientific knowledge which will enable them to cope with the challenges posed by the modern world.Mir Chaker Khan Rind University of Technology is in its infancy and its administration and faculty is striving hard to take it to the zenith of glory and excellence. We aspire fora real change that can be achieved   by incorporating quality and excellence in all fields of learning.  Teaching and research are the two pillars that sustain the edifice of a University and provide the indicators through which the ranking of an institute is determined. The University, under its new leadership, is improving the standard of teaching and research activity according to the global needs.