Mir Chaker Khan Rind University of Technology MCUT is public sector Engineering University providing Engineering education in various discipline of Technology. It is necessary in public interest to make provisions for the establishment of Mir Chakar Khan Rind University of Technology in Dera Ghazi Khan to promote research and development for purposes of producing high quality technical human resource to cope with the present day requirements.


“To be a leading University in Technology Innovation and Education”


To provide quality education, creative research environment, serve the community, building the nation and knowledge economy through learning, Innovation and optimal use of the cutting edge technology.


With regards to the University’s establishing legacy, we concede to the accompanying fundamental beliefs:

Trustworthiness: acting in a legitimate, reasonable, and moral way, making a culture of trust clear in all University exercises and dynamic.

Greatness: serving our academic local area by conveying reliably excellent projects, educating, administration, and grant.

Incorporation: developing comprehensive picking up, living, and working local area, working with the achievement, everything being equal, and supporting all people.

Responsibility: guaranteeing scholarly, automatic, and monetary honesty and worth through reasonable administration of assets endowed to the University.

Regard: accepting variety and treating others collegially with politeness, transparency, and demonstrable skill in all connections, exercises, and dynamic.

Joint effort: running after shared objectives with others in the University and the local area while esteeming collaboration, interest, and variety of thoughts and points of view.

Advancement: empowering, considering, and supporting the improvement of thoughts by cultivating singular resourcefulness and imagination and setting out a climate with open doors for development and change.