1. The Need Based Scholarship shall be awarded to the needy, deserving and orphan students of undergraduate (16-years) programs by the University on per semester basis. Primary criteria for the award of need-based scholarship shall be the need of the student relative to the other applicants. However, applicants need to maintain a SGPA or CGPA of 2.0 to qualify for consideration for the award of need-based scholarship.
  2. Applications for need-based Scholarship shall be received on a prescribed form to be filled by the needy, deserving and orphan students. All required supporting documents must be submitted by the applicant. Information provided by the applicant in the Need-Based Scholarship Application Form shall strictly be treated as confidential.
  3. Students of the University shall be informed periodically through a notice for application deadline for the need-based scholarships.
  4. Background Check may be conducted, if deemed necessary, to verify information provided by the applicant in the Need-based Scholarship Application Form. If the Background Check reveals that the applicant has provided false information in the Need-Based Scholarship Application Form. The applicant would stand disqualified from receiving any Need-based Scholarship.
  5. Applicants for need-based scholarship may be required to undergo interview and assessment by the Scholarships Committee at department level and may further be reviewed by Scholarships Award Committee. The final recommendations shall be made by the Scholarships Award Committee in accordance with the budget of University.
  6. If a special need arises, in a case reported or applied directly to the Vice Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor may award need-based scholarship directly to a needy applicant.
  7. The amount of the Need Based Scholarship shall be a maximum of full tuition fee of the semester. The Scholarships Award Committee is empowered to decide upon the amount of Scholarship for each applicant according to the financial needs of the applicant, on case to case basis. Award decision taken by the committee shall be considered as recommendations to be put up for the final approval by the Vice Chancellor.
  8. The scholarship will be Reimbursed to University account if the student becomes recipient of any other scholarship and the amount of scholarship received by the student covers his/her financial educational needs. Students will return the amount in university’s scholarship account and will submit their receipts to Scholarship and financial assistance department for further process.
  9. Need-based Scholarships are awarded as Qarz-e-Hasana. The students availing Need-based Scholarship must note that they have a moral obligation to return the amount after they have completed their education, at their convenience, so that these funds might be used in future to help the other needy and deserving students.