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1st International Conference On the Role of Innovation  & Entrepreneurship in the technology advancement


Theme: Current Challenges for Organizational and Entrepreneurial Management in the Dynamic Digital Dimension in Pakistan

Mir Chakar Khan Rind University of Technology D.G. Khan is the only technology university in Dera Ghazi Khan District, which was established in 2019. The University announces its 1st International Conference  Innovation & Entrepreneurshipin the technology advancement(2023) on  20 and 21 March, 2023. This two day event has significance importance in terms of knowledge sharing platform in all aspects of Entrepreneurial Management & Science, Engineering and Technology.

Objective of the Conference

Specific Objectives

  • To enhance a greater understanding of issues relating to drivers of initiative, innovation, and technology development in the entrepreneurial management of a comparative world and knowledge economy.
  • To enhance students’ capacity and capability in the furtherance of advanced knowledge through research within a high-technological driven society.
  • To develop skills and competencies in confronting and addressing societal, ethical, legal, and financial constraints within a modern system.


The International Conference On the Role of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the technology advancement to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Entrepreneuril & Management Science. Submission for oral (Physical & Online) are invited in the following subject areas comprising the main scientific session of the conference.

Who should participate?

This conference is open to academics, researcher scholars, executives of government and non-governmental organizations, sustainability activists, corporates engaged in entrepreneurial  programs, and public policy experts.

What would participants achieve?

  • An interface discussion with experts and researchers from different academic fields.
  • An opportunity to enhance the endowment,abilities, and capabilities by interacting with networks from different organizations.
  • Marvelous and an extraordinary chance to the promotion of institutions and research groups as well.
  • Valuable insights delivered by the international faculty on globalization trends, business diplomacy, and cross-cultural economic growth
  • Opportunity to delve deeper into areas such as globalization, industrial marketing strategies, innovation, robotics, market economics, market environment, trade policies, brand management, investment, market behavior, and more
  • A networking opportunity to meet international faculty
  • Opportunities for collaborative research with experts in the field of innovation management.
  • Opportunities for offering joint training modules with experts in the areas of innovation and marketing management.