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Department of Electrical and Electronics Technology


Electrical designing innovation is the main player of current industry. With mechanical progressions in electrical designing, for example, progressed controls which have empowered the significant degree of modern handling, for example, exact assembling and so forth Working in a particularly motorized and mechanized climate is unthinkable without the information on the order. The Electrical Engineering Technology division at MCUT gives the establishment to the nations specialized development in the area, to propel the condition of electrical innovation. As it is basic to prepare individuals in this fundamental field to deliver talented labor to turn out to be important for the nations improvement.

Everything from our lights to PCs works with the assistance of power and electrical and gadgets parts A huge examination in all fields of electrical designing has delivered a plenitude of new information as of late. In any case, a significant number of these high level logical accomplishments have been unused because of the deficiency of designing technologists explicitly instructed ones to change over logical data into useful gadgets and frameworks.

Subsequently, the Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) office at (MCUT) expects to outfit understudies with the different essential and progressed specialized abilities important to adjust to new logical information on electrical innovation. The EET program will give a thorough investigation of electrical standards and practices. It will prosper understudies with the abilities to perform passage level parts in a few industry disciplines, including power frameworks activity and insurance, upkeep and appointing, electrical machines, modern and business configuration, power gadgets, and programmable rationale regulators (PLCs). Understudies will foster a solid comprehension of circuits, simple and advanced hardware, PC plan, electronic materials, controls and computerization, force and apparatus, and specialized documentation.

Thusly, these gifted Electrical designing technologists help electrical specialists in pragmatic exercises, for example, measure control, electrical force conveyance, and instrumentation plan. In contrast to electrical specialists, designing technologists frequently work in the creation climate to resolve issues and fix them. Technologists decide when machines should be supplanted, and supplant the parts and decide the expenses of doing as such. They work inseparably with electrical architects to help their thoughts spring up. Additionally helps in overcoming any barrier between logical headway and commonsense electrical gadgets and frameworks.

Occupations Prospects

As well as managing electrical and hardware occupations in organizations, understudies are likewise instructed to learn on the field and be versatile to the climate just as to foster other basic delicate abilities important to dominate in vocations. The alumni will be outfitted with abilities to work in the controls designing, power designing, mechanical mechanization, administrations area organizations, to assume their part in public turn of events.

Degree Programs

Department of Electrical Engineering Technology


Engr. Shahzad Yousaf

Electrical  & Electronics Engineering Technology

Incharge / Instructor 



Zahid Hussain

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology


Dr. Attiq Ur Rehman

Dr. Attiq -Ur- Rehman

Electrical &  Electronics Engineering Technology

Visiting Lecturer


Dr. Mahnoor Shahzadi

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology

Visiting Lecturer


Engr. Zunaira Waseer

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology

Visiting Lecturer


Sadaf Afreen

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology

Visiting Lecturer